Like many older American cities, Louisville has well-defined neighborhoods, many with well over a century of history as a neighborhood.  Kentuckiana is a term used frequently used by the local media and many local businesses that refers the collection of Louisville neighborhoods both inside and outside of the city limits as well as just across the river in Southern Indiana.

East Louisville

If you want to live in the suburbs, East Louisville would make a good home for you. With the exception of a couple neighborhoods like the Highlands and Clifton, the majority of East Louisville housing consists of subdivisions with upscale, newly-constructed homes and large yards for children to play in.

Douglass Hills, Hurstbourne, Middletown, Anchorage & St Matthews Average Price

  • 367439.80,387525.53,394497.13,405942.69,418817.98,439318.69,433769.59,429088.04,434572.32,426701.65,425901.46,417734.78
  • 287277.03,346817.25,359612.72,356588.31,355320.67,372222.00,339240.05,337309.84,357534.95,322772.86,352133.50,311697.87
  • 340000.00,349900.00,349950.00,359450.00,369700.00,379937.50,385000.00,375000.00,385000.00,385500.00,384950.00,389900.00
  • 257950.00,325000.00,310000.00,324900.00,319750.00,315000.00,300650.00,304900.00,318352.50,275000.00,307450.00,262500.00

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Central Louisville

While Central Louisville went through a long period of abandonment, it has recently popped up on the radar again as a hip place for college students and young professionals. One of the biggest draws to Central Louisville is that the housing is more affordable there than in areas like East Louisville.

Butchertown, Highlands & Germantown Average Price

  • 282596.56,316433.62,319693.55,302795.76,292759.10,303126.99,311142.79,285891.28,284608.01,285521.45,294827.00,271514.51
  • 259831.55,274405.65,236573.52,275910.29,256194.76,244819.68,216563.13,229798.71,252872.19,239244.99,234251.73,197578.41
  • 199000.00,250000.00,250000.00,250000.00,245750.00,249900.00,249900.00,229000.00,239000.00,239900.00,235000.00,219900.00
  • 219995.00,198450.00,192500.00,212450.00,209250.00,198500.00,183500.00,194000.00,202000.00,194000.00,194400.00,170900.00

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South Louisville

South Louisville is home to a diverse blend of individuals of all ages, occupations, and income levels. It is not uncommon to find some of the most expensive houses in the city just one street over from some of the city’s least expensive homes while driving through South Louisville.

Pleasure Ridge Park, Valley Station & Shively Average Price

  • 106027.44,103387.06,100600.65,104937.75,102234.38,105832.88,109153.59,109510.14,113111.61,114636.57,126205.46,122778.95
  • 109319.29,104941.50,107483.29,103562.12,109464.13,111296.79,114924.09,118654.56,116958.55,131498.80,109243.52,106571.26
  • 102900.00,99900.00,97750.00,98000.00,99500.00,101000.00,105000.00,105000.00,107497.50,108500.00,109900.00,109900.00
  • 108900.00,97500.00,105000.00,99375.00,112000.00,108450.00,112900.00,112900.00,112000.00,112500.00,109900.00,110000.00

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West Louisville

West Louisville is a primarily residential area with easy access to Downtown Louisville. Many people choose to live in West Louisville neighborhoods because the cost of living is the lowest in the city and the area is home to many beautiful, historic buildings and two of the city’s best parks.

Old Louisville, Shively & West Louisville Average Prices

  • 71029.55,72754.81,72575.85,69912.24,68525.49,68322.14,66214.60,63648.71,67112.73,68090.06,74674.88,74074.43
  • 52259.15,70099.58,69232.40,81004.66,61683.02,71444.53,73153.72,65511.40,80861.12,75524.90,77854.74,67839.23
  • 49900.00,50000.00,54950.00,54900.00,55000.00,53500.00,53900.00,53750.00,54900.00,52000.00,55000.00,54900.00
  • 44200.00,62500.00,55000.00,59900.00,45750.00,59250.00,55000.00,52498.50,60000.00,57400.00,60000.00,46500.00

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