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About Louisville Schools

School districts play a big part when deciding to buy a home. JCPS is a vast area of Louisville and has over 101,000 students enrolled. They have 172 schools divided (89 elementary, 23 middle, 19 high, 2 combined, 39 special). These schools have 6400 teachers and eighty four percent of them have a master’s degree or higher. Most of these teachers average ten years of teaching as well. JCPS have improved vastly in recent years; they have received a great deal of awards in many different areas. For example, the 2013 Bill of Rights Constitutional Academy Ford Scholar (students), Finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (staff), National Green Ribbon School (school).Another great county for in the Kentucky Department of education is Oldham County. The Oldham County School District is located approximately 20 miles northeast of Louisville and serves over 12,000 students. While Kentucky schools have gone through numerous transitional phases in curriculum and assessment and are embarking on an entirely new accountability system, Oldham County Schools continues to rank among the highest-performing school districts on various academic achievement and college readiness assessments.Kentucky has a great public education system and is no doubt one of the best in the nation for your kids to learn.